About Us


Mr. Paramjit Singh Grover started a tailor shop way back in 1962. This small shop started with just 2 sewing machines and a work force of  1 tailor and 2 salesmen.Even though the business was at the inception stage,quality and reliability were the main principles followed. Over the years Mr. Paramjit Singh Grover built a name in the market synonymous with quality and trust. Watching the hard work that his father had put in and the growth in the business Mr. Naini Grover joined the business at the tender age of 16.  He brought with him lots of new ideas and moved the business in the direction of a more professional approach. Through word of mouth the customers started to increase and the business started growing at a rapid pace.

The future generation or the children of Mr. Naini Grover decided at a young age to take their family business to the world.With this in mind Miss Prarena Grover studied Fashion designing while her brother Mr. Pavit Grover has studied marketing.Both of them bring a very refreshing set of ideas to further fuel the fire that has kept this business of 3 generations ever growing and earning goodwill from all those who deal with them.An assimilation of the hard work of 3 generations has resulted in having a factory and a team of 30 professional tailors working under the watchful eye of the present generation.We are not just the regular fly by online clothing outlet. We have a history and a reputation of trust, quality and excellence that we have and always will uphold.

We do not believe in cutting corners but prefer going the extra mile to make sure that our customers get exactly what they were looking for.  
The journey demanded a lot of sacrifices, hard work and business acumen. From being a tailor shop on a street to acquiring recognition as a tailoring outlet ready to travel and provide the finest suits and shirts for their customers / clients, is an achievement we are proud of but not content with.

We wish to serve more people with our expertise and knowledge in clothing. With this in mind we have started our venture in  e -commerce. 
Allowing us to further spread our wings and provide quality, customized clothing to people across borders. We can not guarantee if the sun will always shine but we can guarantee that you, our customer, will always shine and stand out in a Shirt / Suit from Grover & Grover.